Researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Alexandre Alapetite personal page 2007-2013


Following my PhD thesis “On speech recognition during anaesthesia, I have been employed at the Technical University of Denmark as a post-doc (since August 2007), then as a researcher (since October 2008), and finally as a senior researcher (since November 2011).

Selected projects

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Demo of gaze-controlled flying at the NordiCHI’2012 conference:

DR1 coverage (2010-11-29) of our experiences in Tivoli assessing the effect of turbulences on the use of touch-screens, within the European project ODICIS:

ODICIS, European project on single display cockpit (2009-2012):
[ODICIS cockpit]

SafeManning project: simulation of human activities onboad commercials vessels (2008-2010).
Here, showing the workload over 24 hours on a simulated cargo ship:
[SafeManning workload output]
Using my open-source simulation engine SimManning.

DR1 coverage (2008-11-21) of the mobile robot controlled by gaze interaction:

Eye-tracking while driving a car:

Mobile services and passenger localisation in an airport (2008-04-24), within the SPOPOS project:

[SPOPOS animation]

Example of Web session migration from a computer to a mobile phone via dynamic 2D-barcodes:
[Datamatrix session migration]



Google Scholar profile.

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