Gaze-controlled flying
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Following some previous experiments on “gaze-controlled driving”, here is a concept of gaze-controlled flying.

By: Alexandre Alapetite (Technical University of Denmark), John Paulin Hansen (IT University of Copenhagen), and I. Scott MacKenzie (York University, Canada).


John Paulin Hansen, Alexandre Alapetite, I. Scott MacKenzie, Emilie Møllenbach, 2014
“The Use of Gaze to Control Drones”
In the proceedings of ETRA’2014, Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications, March 2014, Safety Harbour, Florida, USA
Published by ACM, ISBN:978-1-4503-2751-0, pages 27-34, doi:10.1145/2578153.2578156
Alexandre Alapetite, John Paulin Hansen, I. Scott MacKenzie, 2013
“Gaze Controlled Flying”
ACM Interactions, demo hour 26, 20(5):9, September 2013, doi:10.1145/2512050.2512062
Alexandre Alapetite, John Paulin Hansen, I. Scott MacKenzie, 2012   [PDF]
“Demo of Gaze Controlled Flying”
In the proceedings of NordiCHI’2012, Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Copenhagen, Denmark, pages 773-774, doi:10.1145/2399016.2399140

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Demonstrations on video

Demo of Gaze Controlled Flying presented during the NordiCHI’2012 conference,
on 16 October 2012 at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark:

Gaze control of flying drones (in Danish) for the Danish TV (Danskernes Akademi, DR2, 2013-01-24 14:40):


18 December 2012 10:45 [Alex & John]

18 December 2012 10:57 [Alex hands-free]

18 December 2012 11:16 [Drone corridor]

18 December 2012 12:03 [Alex facing drone]