By Alexandre Alapetite on 2008-03-02; updated 2010-01-30

Copy-paste from a computer to a mobile phone through 2D-barcodes


This page is a demonstration of multi-device Web interaction (migratory interface between computer and mobile phone), where the session’s ID is sent from the client’s computer to the same client’s mobile phone through a QR-code (it could be done just as well using a Datamatrix or Semacode). Read more on:

Alexandre Alapetite, 2009
“Dynamic 2D-barcodes for multi-device Web session migration including mobile phones”
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, online 2 April 2009, doi:10.1007/s00779-009-0228-5


  1. From your computer, type some text in the text-area
  2. Click on Save session
  3. From your mobile phone, take a photo of the 2D-barcode below, using a QR-code reader (such as Kaywa’s one)
  4. Your mobile phone’s Web browser will be directed to this current page with the same session’s content.




  1. Edit the session’s content from your mobile phone
  2. Click on Save session from your mobile phone
  3. Back on your computer, click on the barcode or on the refresh link
  4. The Web browser on your computer will now show the modifications that have been made from the mobile phone