By Alexandre Alapetite on 2004-11-24; updated on 2006-05-18

Dynamic XHTML+Voice examples.

Welcome to this demonstration page, for voice interaction on Web pages on the Internet.


The following examples only work with a X+V voice-enabled browser. If needed, you can get some help for the Opera browser.
Then try to say:

  1. "I want to order a pizza"
  2. "I want to buy some Chinese food"
  3. "I want to hear about me"
  4. "I want to test the four circles demo"
  5. "I want to hear the news"
  6. "I want to test the list demo"
  7. "I want to listen some voice styles"
  8. "I want to try the complementary example"

Some videos are also provided. Video files are at AVI format, compressed with XviD for the video and MP3 for the sound.

1., 2. Restaurant

IBM examples of static forms:

  1. Italian pizza - (see video 1.64MB)
  2. Chinese food - (see video 1.46MB)

3. About you

Clic on this link to hear what I know about you: About you?

4. Orientation

Example of client-side dynamic page (ECMAscript):

5. The news

Example of server-side dynamic page (PHP, XSL, RSS):

6. Dynamic grammar

Example of server-side dynamic grammar (PHP):

7. Voice styles

8. Complementary multimodality


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