IUP GMI Montpellier
M.ASc and Master of Engineering in Mathematics and Informatics
Alexandre Alapetite personal page 09/2000 - 06/2002


The second part of my university studies was made at the University Professional Institute, mathematics and informatics department, of the University of sciences and techniques of Montpellier II. It consists in 3 years of studies in order to obtain a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.ASc) then a Master of Applied Science (M.ASc) and eventually the title of master engineer in mathematics and informatics.
I have integrated directly the second year, according to my file, and the third year I have obtained with honours the title of master engineer.
Moreover, I have followed three options: networks, artificial intelligence and distributed algorithmics.
My studies went on with a DESS.

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Sylvain Piry, Alexandre Alapetite, Jean-Marie Cornuet, David Paetkau, Luc Baudouin, Arnaud Estoup   [PDF]
“GENECLASS2: A Software for Genetic Assignment and First-Generation Migrant Detection”
Journal of Heredity 2004 95(6):536-539, doi:10.1093/jhered/esh074