Notes : Robot ordinateur portable mobile 2

Jolie façon de se servir de lego!
Mais pas du tous abordable pour les noviçe,car sa coute cher a l'achat!Dommage,Mais bien!Il me semble avoir reconnu un thinkpad ibm !

2014-04-11T07:00:51+00:00@GMT+02:00 AClermont-??? (FR)

Geoff: See Philo's page for Lego motor characteristics.

2010-06-06T22:16:02+00:00@GMT+02:00 1006ds4-??? (DK)

Lovely piece of work. How powerful are the motors driving the single motor version? (My school is thinking of a similar project using netbooks and non lego parts)

2010-05-25T12:18:16+00:00@GMT+01:00 212.219.???.??? (GB)

Very nice work. i want to mount my laptop on the NXT as well. Your battery life must be short though carrying all that weight...

2009-12-30T04:56:36+00:00@GMT-05:00 75-??? (US)

Super design, impressionant!

2009-11-14T07:18:35+00:00@GMT-07:00 ??? (CA)

Very nice Alex!

Michael Schøler
2009-04-14T21:25:50+00:00@GMT+02:00 4003ds1-??? (DK)