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30 June 2012
DK Gymnastics with jumps on grass.

10 August 2011
DK Diving in Lyngby.

28 July 2011 [Parkour Copenhagen]
DK Parkour in Copenhagen.

24 January 2009 [Artificial climbing]
DK Artificial climbing in Aarhus.

8 July 2008
DK Hand walking down the stairs
at Frederiksberg, Denmark.

7 July 2008 [Hand-stand pile]
DK Hand-stand on a pile.

4 February 2008 [Skiing powdery snow]
FR Skiing in powdery snow.

2 September 2007 [Swimming with dolphins]
MU Swimming with dolphins in Tamarin,

16 February 2007
DK “Full (front somersault with a twist),
rondade, flip flap, back somersault”
on a track in Copenhagen.

16 December 2006
DK “Full in, half out” (double front somersault
with one twist and a half)
on mini-trampoline in Copenhagen.

21 August 2004 [Hiking Verdon]
FR Hiking in Verdon, France.

2 June 2004 [Back somersault trampoline]
DK Back somersault on
trampoline in Copenhagen.

28 April 2004 [Office Risø]
DK My office at Risø laboratory,
Roskilde, Denmark.

13 February 2004 [Snowboard]
FR Snowboard in the Alps.

August 2002 [Bird]
FR With a bird at Palavas.

4 July 2002 [Hoola-hoop]
FR Hoola-hoop at Palavas.

22 March 2002 [Windsurfing]
FR Windsurfing at Palavas.

3 March 2002 [X-Adventure Games]
FR X-Adventure Games
Salomon, Pyrenees.

April 2001 [MTB Rando-raid]
FR Hiking-raid SFR.

October 2000 [Half marathon Marcheille-Cassis]
FR Half marathon

July 2000 [Student flat]
FR My student flat in Palavas, France.

January 2000 [Jump skiing]
FR Jump over rocks skiing.

August 1999 [Climb Besso]
CH Climb of Besso,
Alps, Swiss Valais

August 1999 [MTB Alps]
CH Mountain bike in the Alps,
Sorebois, Swiss Valais.

30 July 1999 [Bungee jumping]
FR Bungee jumping
in the Alps (back jump)

30 July 1999 [Bungee jumping]
FR Bungee jumping
in the Alps (front jump).

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