Personal software
of Alexandre Alapetite

Current software

FreshRSS     2013 - current
is an open source RSS aggregator (news reader), which I help developing.
EasyRSS     2014 - current
is an open source Android app for FreshRSS (news reader).

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Old software

SimManning     2011 - 2012
is a C♯.NET library containing a discrete-event simulation engine dedicated to manning / staffing.
Weblide     2006 - 2012
is a full validator for online and offline XHTML Web sites (also XHTML5) and XML files.
TinyHTTP2SMS: SMS gateway     2008
listens to HTTP requests and uses a telephone connected by Bluetooth / COM to automatically send SMS.
LogResolve-alx 1.0     2004
is a reverse resolver from IP to DNS for CLF log files of Web servers. It is an alternative to the logresolve.exe utility included in Apache.
Album Photo 2.78 (fr, 2004-06-01, zip 435 Ko)     1999 - 2004
is able to display JPEG pictures, to sort them (by year/month), to add some comments and to search by keywords.
JackpotID3 1.2 beta (fr, 2002, zip 263 Ko)     2000 - 2002
is able to modify the tag (v1.0) of several MP3 music files at the same time. It can use the file name (artist - title.mp3) as a source for the tag, and reciprocally. It is not finished but it is fully fonctionnal.
Word macro for Pascal (fr)     2000
to highlight Pascal/Delphi source code in Word (keywords bolded and comments in colour and italic). It can be used as a model to do other macros.