Notes : xslt-php4-php5

My previous problem is solved. It's a matter of setting the XSL output method to HTML instead of XHTML

2013-03-21T08:28:22+00:00@GMT+00:00 bl5-??? (PT)

When using this method to convert to HTML I'm getting problems on self-closing tags. Example: <td></td> becomes <td/> which is ruinig my output.

Marco Almeida
2013-03-20T18:01:14+00:00@GMT+00:00 bl14-??? (PT)

Un grand merci

2011-06-15T12:34:05+00:00@GMT+02:00 193.49.???.??? (FR)

merci beaucoup ;

2011-03-12T18:07:29+00:00@GMT-04:00 95.138.???.??? (FR)

thanks a lot!!!

2010-05-26T12:17:38+00:00@GMT+02:00 ??? (DE)

Problème lorsque l'on déclare une variable xsl.Php demande de la déclarer dans le "script php4 to 5" Existe-t-il une fonction pour qu'il reconnaisse automatiquement les variables??

2010-04-24T12:42:50+00:00@GMT+02:00 ??? (FR)

Joern: I am not sure I have understood the problem, but you can try to convert all your entities to UTF-8 before processing with e.g. html_entity_decode().

2009-06-10T20:40:30+02:00 1006ds4-??? (DK)

Hi Great Extension. But I have problems with text files which contains html conform german "umlaute" like ä, ö, ü, which are written as "ä", "ö", etc. these textfiles throw errors. Any suggestion how I can solve this

2009-06-09T22:54:26+02:00 agsb-??? (DE)

Thanx man!
Works like a charm!

2009-03-22T20:34:21+01:00 1-??? (SE)

I'm italian and I hate french (ehehe), but you have done a great job with this wrapper. thank you very much!

2009-03-17T17:5:17+01:00 151.13.???.??? (IT)

Merci beaucoup, pour le script et l'autorisation!
Au cas où, le projet se trouve sur et se nomme Asset API.
Note: à l'heure actuelle, la version disponible n'est pas la plus récente et ne contient pas encore votre script, mais cela ne saurait tarder ;)

2008-02-08T07:56:05+00:00 ??? (DE)

valentin : Oui, pas de problème pour inclure ce script dans votre projet GPL.

2008-02-07T23:48:00+00:00@GMT+01:00 lns-??? (FR)

Merci beaucoup pour ce script que j'utilise depuis fort longtemps maintenant ;)
Je voulais savoir si je pouvais l'inclure dans un script sur lequel je travaille (un module pour le CMS Drupal) et le redistribuer sous license GPL? (je suis pas très câler avec les histoire de licenses, évidemment la source serait citée).

valentin, zeropaper
2008-02-02T12:48:18+00:00 ??? (DE)

Merci bien pour le wrapper - super!
Thanks a lot, saved me tons of time.

2007-08-22T22:05:24+00:00@GMT+02:00 ??? (AT)

Great code! Makes keeping it compatible for both a whole lot easier.
Just one suggestion:
Maybe you could add
$xsl->resolveExternals = TRUE;
$xsl->substituteEntities = TRUE;
just before you do $xsl->loadxml(....
this will make this type of code:
<!DOCTYPE stylesheet [
<!ENTITY raquo "&#187;" ><!-- declaring: '>>'-sign -->
to work out of the box.
I didn't find this out myself, see this comment:
$xsl->resolveExternals = TRUE;
$xsl->substituteEntities = TRUE;

2007-03-25T17:01:06+00:00@GMT+02:00 213.101.???.??? (SE)

Excellent travail ! Le serveur web de notre université fonctionnait avec php4, il y'a quelques jours ils ont migré vers php5 et là pxslt ne marchait plus. Il faillait avoir quelque chose comme ça pour pouvoir exécuter nos scripts utilisant xslt.
Gros merci

2006-12-21T23:39:30+00:00@GMT-04:00 ??? (CA)

Savez-vous si Php supportera un jour xsl 2.0 ?

2006-11-06T14:54:25+00:00@GMT+01:00 ??? (FR)

TU very very Much!
Its a reallу neccessory work U did!

2006-10-30T21:37:25+00:00@GMT+05:00 ??? (RU)

If you want to use encoding you should add to file xslt-php4-to-php5.php following line
function xslt_set_encoding($xh,$encoding) {$xh->setParameter('sablotron','xslt_encoding',$encoding);}

2006-07-07T21:41:38+00:00@GMT+02:00 ??? (PL)

Excellent work! I found this wrapper class very useful as I have to write an XML export plug-in that works in PHP4 as well as PHP5.

2006-01-19T23:58:23+00:00@GMT+11:00 ??? (AU)

Alors moi je dis: BRAVO!
Ce script est vraiment très utile (en tous cas dans mon cas)...

2005-11-15T21:28:43+00:00@GMT+01:00 ??? (DE)

In response to the previous comments, version 0.4 has been released.

2005-08-28T18:00:58+00:00@GMT+02:00 x1-??? (DK)

I'm added xslt_set_base implementation (tested/needed under windows)
function xslt_set_base($xh, $base){
$base = str_replace('file://','', $base);
And change following lines in xslt_process ()
$basedir = $xh->getParameter('sablotron','xslt_base_dir');
$workdir = getcwd();
PS All php4 domxml and sablotron xslt stuff moved to Windows/php5 with no problem.
Your xslt4-5 xml4-5 will be used in
Thank you again!!!
PSS may be you'll add you code to PEAR/Compat. Seems it will be right place for this usefull code.

Vladimir Lukianov
2005-08-02T09:23:22+00:00@GMT+04:00 ??? (RU)

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
I was humming and hawing about upgrading a server because one application on it used the old xslt functions in PHP4 and I was loathe to revisit that application or stumble over compatability issues. I'm glad to say that after testing with your compatability script, I now feel confident to be able to upgrade that server to PHP5.
Best of all, it worked as a simple drop-in and with just one exception was completely compatable with my old application code (the only issue: I added a error spression on line 48 (loadXML) because my code was using empty namespaces to work around an old bug in the older system and this was (correctly) throwing an unwanted notice.)
Again, well done!!

2005-05-11T19:58:16+00:00@GMT-04:00 ??? (CA)

Hi Alexandre,
I'm replying here to your post to me on HM's forum.
When I orginally decided to implement a PHP XSLT based templating system, I experimented with both PHP4's XML(Expat)+XSLT(Sablotron) & DOMXML(libxml2&libxslt) functions and decided to use the latter.
Therefore I am not using PHP4's XSLT function (thank you for asking).
Chregu (Christian Stocker) told me on the php-general mailing list that none of DOMXML's functions would be added to PHP5.
As I'm using PHP4 DOMXML's XML *&* XSLT functions eg. domxml_open_file, domxml_xslt_stylesheet_file, result_dump_mem & result_dump_file etc., I decided that, at some point in the future (before my webhost migrates to PHP5), I will develop equivalent PHP5 scripts.
The date of migrating from PHP4 -> 5 is up to my webhost so I will also create 'parent' version_compare (phpversion) scripts that will select either my PHP4 DOMXML or PHP5 DOM+XSL scripts. This is the way that I will (smoothly?!) handle the migration.
I think that your solution has it's benefits. One of those is that people using your migration scripts do NOT need to develop replacement PHP5 scripts before their webhost's migrate to PHP5. It also means that they do not need to juggle with both PHP4 & PHP5 interpreters on their development machine :)
Keep up the good work ;-)

2004-09-14T16:30:28+00:00@GMT+08:00 ??? (HK)