Notes : raspberrypi-nodejs-arduino

Thank you for posting this detailed tutorial. It enable me to complete my own project.

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You can probably cut more cost by replacing the Arduino-based analog temperature sensors with DS18B20 1-Wire digital temperature sensors, which can be attached directly to the Pi, and happens to have Linux kernel driver support. Then you just simply rewrite your Node.js file to read temperature from the device directly. DS18B20s can be as cheap as €1/each or less.

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Amazing...I learn a lot from this..thank you

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Bravo !

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Merci pour ce tuto fort utile.

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je suis sur un projet de communauté dans le but de développer une gestion automatique climatique si tu pense pouvoir changer le monde! vas voir je compte sur toi !

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@Dayd : merci pour le commentaire, et je me m'aperçois que je dois adapter mon système de commentaires pour l'IPv6...
Edit : fait :-)

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Merci, tuto très sympa :)

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Anonyme : Cela dépend de la manière dont vous l'avez installé, et grosso modo pareil que l'installation

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Comment mettre à jour nodejs?

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Mauris : Vous pouvez tout à fait remplacer node.js par autre chose. Pour la partie communication avec Arduino, il suffit ainsi de lire et écrire dans /dev/ttyACM0 par exemple en script shell. Pour la partie serveur HTTP, mieux vaut utiliser un petit serveur Web existant, mais ce n'est pas indispensable.

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Ce tuto est très intéressant mais je ne connais pas le JavaScript est-il possible de "convertir" le code de la partie Rasberry pi en C car mon projet de Domotique utilise des routines en C qui communiquent avec une interface web via bdd mysql... faire communiquer une rasberry pi et une platine Arduino serait génial pour mon projet de domotique

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Gianninou : Voyez

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Savez vous si c'est possible de passer par un branchement i2c ? J'ai vu un tuto qui le faisait ( mais c'est du python or je veux utiliser nodejs. Savez vous comment je peux faire ?

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Beau travail, cela va me donner des idées pour hacker mon ninjablocks.
j'essaye de shutter le cloud que le ninjablocks contact afin d'avoir une solution locale.

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Excellent write-up.
I like this solution because it leverages the ethernet and linux TCP/IP stack, and allows the microcontroller to utilize its timers and resources well.
It is cheaper than buying an ethernet shield too.

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spleener: See SerialPort.write()

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There seems to be issues with installing/compiling serialport. I have posted my issues on their github....nice write-up by the way.

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how to send data to the arduino if you have a two-way communication between the pi and the arduino? my arduino is waiting for a command from the pi and will answer with the data.

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barbudor: See node-serialport issue#81 on Github
I will try to update my document to make it a bit more general.

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Bonjour Alex,
I have tried your procedure as above, instead using for now NodeJs on a Xubuntu PC instead of the RPi.
However I get the errors below when running "node index.js"
I believe this is a problem of NodeJs configuration, note finding somethig about the serialport module.
I am running under my normal account on Xubuntu.
Any idea ?
barbu@XuDev:~/public_html$ node index.js
throw e; // process.nextTick error, or 'error' event on first tick
Error: Could not load the bindings file. Tried:
-> /home/barbu/public_html/node_modules/serialport/build/Debug/serialport.node
-> /home/barbu/public_html/node_modules/serialport/build/Release/serialport.node
-> /home/barbu/public_html/node_modules/serialport/out/Debug/serialport.node
-> /home/barbu/public_html/node_modules/serialport/Debug/serialport.node

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Georg: I cannot tell for sure if the stability problem comes from a random defect with my Arduino shields’ hardware. The WIZnet W5100 ship crashes after a while, does not answer to ping, and the only approach is a hardware reset. But I can see that I am not alone. See for instance some of the discussions on and

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Can you elaborate on why the Arduino Ethernet Shield is unstable? I'm about to get into the Arduino world and thought about getting an Arduino clone with integrated Ethernet on the same board, e.g. like the EtherTen from Freetronics. So, what exactly is the problem with the Ethernet Shield?

2012-06-25T13:43:37+00:00@GMT-04:00 207.45.???.??? (US)

Michael: Yes, I am aware of the GPIO, as I write in the article. The point here is to have a cheap plug-and-play solution with good community support, and Arduino plays this role. This article is also intended to address some of the concerns raised on the Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi matter. Obviously, people with good electronic skills did such things ages before Arduino; but I am a software guy.

-erle-: I did not write that I use the Raspi solely as an Ethernet shield… My plan is to use it as the brain for more home automation. Indeed, in this setup, the Arduino can be seen the other way around, namely as an extension to the Raspberry Pi. However, the point is that Raspi is both cheaper, and to my experience much more stable, than the Arduino Ethernet shield, so the title used by Hack a Day is still valid.

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You know you could put the sensors through a ADC so the sensor can be used directly through the digital GPIO pins on the pi

2012-06-25T11:38:35+00:00@GMT+01:00 94-??? (GB)

Hmmm .. instead of using the raspberry pi as the arduino's ethernet shield, why not take a raspberry pi-centric view and think of it as a raspberry pi application using an arduino to gather sensor data? You could do more with a raspberry pi, u know. :D
Just a suggestion.

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